Cross Country: Colorado part 1 – Rocky Mountains

I think I’m in love with Colorado.  I need to go back.  It was absolutely beautiful!  As you can tell from the title, we made multiple stops in this state, the first one being The Rocky Mountains!

CoRm_030614_04It was a beautiful, warm day, perfect picture taking weather (although, I was hoping for some stormy weather to get some really moody pictures).  As we were walking around taking pictures at this look out point we noticed some adorable chipmunks coming up to us.  We couldn’t believe how fearless they were of us!  Although… after some thought and reading the signs, I came to the conclusion that they weren’t afraid of us because they were so used to people feeding them….yeah that’s not good.  But I did get some really cute photos!

CoRm_030614_02Below is another photo from this look out point:


We drove around the mountains all day, I think I took about 500 photos.


We stopped at another lookout that had a panoramic view of the mountain range.  While it was very pretty I couldn’t help but look the other way at the kids climbing up part of the mountain.  Thus is one of my favorite photos from the trip.


As we drove to the highest point, the sun was setting and it was getting steadily colder.  I froze my butt off, but I’m really glad we stuck it out until sun set, but I wish we could have stayed until the stars came out.  It was a clear night with no nearby light besides passing cars.  It would have been great to get some star trails.  I do love this picture though.  One day I’ll go back.



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