Cross Country: Kansas

The next state we passed through was Kansas.  We didn’t really stop anywhere…..except for a rest stop.  It was a bit boring, but I have to say, the country side is beautiful despite it being a bit flat.  I guess I like minimalism.

Kan_030614_03Kan_030614_02One thing I did enjoy were the windmill farms.  They’re gigantic!  Enormous!  Colossal!  Okay, maybe not colossal, but you get my drift.  I’ve always wanted to see them up close.  I practically had my face glued to the window staring at them, I was like a little kid.  Someday, I want to walk through those windmills with my camera, that would be so cool!


Kan_030614_06Next stop: Colorado!  (Prepare for a butt load of pictures).





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