Cross Country: Missouri

The next stop on our long journey to the west was Missouri to see The Arch.  I was a little skeptical.  I didn’t think this would be that interesting to visit, I mean it’s just a metal arch right?  I was wrong, it was actually quite cool, mostly because it’s so big!

OHMI_020714_9Visitors are allowed to ride an elevator to the top of The Arch while watching a documentary (I think?) about it and I’m assuming they would be able see out of the Arch once the got to the top.  Unfortunately we couldn’t ride it, because we’d have to wait a few hours for the next ride and we needed to get on the road.  If you ever visit, be prepared, because it was packed in there.  So many people wanted to go to the top.

OHMI_021514-2This is one of my favorite photos from the visit.  I really like how the arch just leads the eyes through the picture and how all the details of the arch quickly fade into nothing as it becomes a single line.  I also love the soft texture of the clouds in the background.  I got a sore neck from taking this picture though, because I had stretch it as far back as it would go.  Unfortunately I had to stay like that for a few minutes, because I was trying to compose it to get it just right…and even with all that I still had to adjust the rotation in Lightroom to get it where I wanted it to be.

Next stop: Kansas!


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